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Welcome to Hint of LIME….  


We are an exciting new Independent Production and PR company for Film, Television, Theatre, Comedy and Music.


Our mission statement is to be:

Innovative. Creative. Outstanding. Unique….

And above all to inspire, stimulate and entertain audiences


hint of LIME Productions create original work in film, television, comedy, theatre and music. The company’s particular focus is to stage new work and challenging versions of established pieces, to be an incubator for creative ideas and a vehicle to introduce new talent in writing, direction and performing. As a production house, it utilises the skills and experience of established artists in the profession in conjunction with fresh talent.


Forthcoming productions:

4 June 2006 Hint of LIME presents… Relate: Sex, Life and Something To Laugh About

Salisbury International Festival


hint of LIME PR is a Publicity and Public Relations company specializing in PR and Promotional campaigns for clients from across the performing arts, as well as providing the marketing and publicity for all of hint of LIME productions own completed projects.

For more information contact: pr@hint-of-lime.com


In the meantime if you’d like to know more about all things hint of LIME, give us a shout at: hey@hint-of-lime.com